Membership Information Change Request

For information on Exactix, to submit a question about Exactix, or request access to Exactix, please visit and click on Exactix Support for Excavators or Exactix Support for Member Utilities. 
These portals will grant you access to fill out support requests based on your specific Exactix needs so that you may be assisted in an efficient and effective manner. Dig Safely New York, Inc. has launched its new one-call platform, Exactix, on July 23, 2020. This system is used for online Location Request submissions, Location Request management, responding to Location Requests, managing Service Areas, and more. 

To request a change to the information associated with your membership, please submit the form below.

Note: Upon receipt of your request, Member Support will send a member packet to the email provided in the request. If no response is received from member support within 48 business hours, contact member support at 1-800-309-8289 or email A change has not been made unless you receive confirmation from our support staff.

Please describe the changes you would like to make to your membership information.